About Us

Monica’s Story

I grew up about 25 miles south of the equator in a city called Quito, a compelling and colorful town nestled in the heart of the Andes mountains in Ecuador. My father and I used to admire the colonial architecture of the city together, and every Sunday I would wake up to my mother creating beautiful floral arrangements, using fresh flowers from the local market. I find my inspiration in a myriad of diverse worlds including fashion, textiles, Greek and Roman art, modern furniture, local artist, all of which influence my work.

In 1989, I relocated to Los Angeles and married my husband George. We have four beautiful daughters, and our family has relocated a dozen times since. As you can imagine, raising four girls inevitable brought different personalities and eclectic lifestyles, and I knew I wanted to create a space that would perfectly blend together the contrasting elements and fun of a big family; I wanted to create an inviting home that we would share all our memories and my daughters wouldn’t have to worry about which rooms they were allowed in.

After an early-life spent using my degree in hotel managment and a few years as a flight attendant, I returned to get my degree in interior design and launched my own firm in 2007. For the last decade, Decore Interiors has been a full-service residential and commercial firm with extensive experience in both interior design and construction management. With an admiration to the past and a focus firmly tuned to today, I aim to create designs that meld both the traditional and contemporary.An ideal project is one that transforms any living space into a head turningly beautiful home, combining what the client already owns infused with what I personally curate. The client to designer relationship is what drives any successful project. I want to understand the client’s story and the space they want to live in. It inspires a layered interior that often includes unexpected materials and elements that are distinctive, notable, and most importantly, reflective of each client’s taste and lifestyle.

Today, my husband and I reside in Orange County, where we enjoy our time as empty nesters and where I continue to follow my passion for serving clients. From working on a minimalist room re-discovering the importance of subtlety, to balancing an extravagant interior full of color and bold artworks, the one constant is the intentional designer behind the works. I am eager and inspired to be back home where it all started and where visions will continue to flourish.

Three Specialties

We provide a full range of residential and commercial interior design services, including home styling, remodeling, and group-up construction.